cdThanks to the kind people from the The United States Attorney’s Office at the Ronald Reagan Federal Building, I’ve been provided with an audio recording of the 341 meeting for Geri Miller and Jecel Maniscalco that took place on November 14, 2013.

For those of you who couldn’t attend and would like to listen, leave a comment below and I’ll provide you with a link to the mp3 files.

Highlights include:

  • 03:55
    The relationship between Club Bali Hai and Tahiti Discount Travel.
  • 31:50
    Geri explains the ‘unforeseen circumstances’ which led to the closure of Tahiti Discount Travel.

“It’s because the office has been actually struggling, since 2012…due to just the economy and modern technology, all of the competitions online and also that….we’re just not getting enough businesses.”

  • 39:00
    Jecel’s role in the organization.
  • 43:20
    Geri explains why she stranded another client in a foreign country, despite having already been paid over $7,000 for hotel reservations by the aforementioned client.

“When she actually got there…the hotel, we did not pay the invoice on the hotel.”

Office of the U.S. Trustee: Why is that?

“We just didn’t have the funds at the time and I told her we’ll send her a refund.”

  • 55:10
    Geri unintelligibly disputes the amount of unsecured debt – approximately $1,023,000 – claims it is actually closer to $500,000.


  • 56:20
    Geri struggles to answer the point-blank question, “Where did the money go?”

“So again, it went to my general account and it just…paid all our bills. And we just didn’t have any cash flow to…to uh, you know, the economy and the internet….”

Well that explains it. I’d say that $1M is a veritable river of cash flow. It’s probably been flowing somewhere offshore or to various bars and clubs in Newport Beach.

  • 1:02:45
    Geri lectures us all about how expensive Tahiti is, apropos of nothing.
  • 1:19:40
    Office of the U.S. Trustee:
    “Did you ever use someones credit card account to buy either travel, airfare or hotel rooms for someone other than the person who gave you their number?”

Geri claims, while under oath, not to know whether or not she’s done this.


Meeting to be continued on December 13, 2013 at 1pm.


  • I would greatly appreciate a link to the MP3 files. Thank you for your website – it has been an informative and helpful resource throughout this process.


  • Hello!
    Please email the link for the audio recording.
    Thank you!

  • Marion,
    You’re an angel – please send me the link as well.

  • Can you please send link also. We were lucky! We had booked with TDT before and were close to doing it again.

  • I’d love to have the link as well! SO glad to see this update. We had a major issue with her in June and thought she’d just gotten away with it all (that was the last I saw on Tripadvisor).

  • Reginald Jones

    I was unable to attend the hearing in November. I had paid Tahiti Discount Travel for my three weeks of vacation in Tahiti. I had to re-book air fare and ground transportation thru another agency; I was in Tahiti during the hearing. Where do we stand now that it is in the Federal court. Today, 5/1/2014, I spoke to someone the the Calif. Atty. General office and was told to get in touch with the Federal Court because they handle chapter 7 cases. Please send to me the link to the audio recording. Thanks you and God bless.

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